Tuesday, February 01, 2011


So they've just announced a second snow day for both my public schools and the college. I can't say as though I'm surprised, because I took a quick trip down to the corner to get a newspaper, and a morning commute tomorrow would have been adventurous, to say the least.

I'm not exactly happy about this, of course; my high school students have Solo & Ensemble contest on Saturday, and it will be a major scramble to get everyone's lessons rescheduled between now and then. But I'll do what I need to do, because there's really no other choice.

It is pretty crazy that we're using up both of our designated "bad weather days" in a single week like this, because there's no saying that this will be the end of the wintry weather (anyone remember last year's spring break snowfall last year?). Still, safety has to be the primary concern, so they'll deal with any extra missed days as best they can.

And there could well be more missed days, as it's not supposed to get above freezing until Friday. This could get interesting...

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