Thursday, February 03, 2011

Daily Snow Trek Report #3

And now, the latest report from Nanuk of the North, freshly returned from his daily trudge through the tundra: On the one hand, some of the roads are considerably better than yesterday, and more people are out and about. But on the other hand, bridges are still quite packed with ice, as are many parking lots and places that are completely in the shade.

I was able to hit a top speed of 30 MPH on the main road by my house, which is almost completely clear today. But the aforementioned bridges and shady spots (one of which is still so icy that it doesn't have a full set of ruts in it) caused the speed to go back down to yesterday's 20 MPH, which is fine; it's not like I'm in a hurry or anything. (But today did mark the return of a few overconfident idiots who think it's OK to go the regular speed limit, no matter the weather. I try to stay as far away from those people as possible.)

I won't bet on the status of school for tomorrow quite yet. I do have a few brave souls coming over for lessons, but the mad scramble to get everyone in before Solo & Ensemble will be all for naught if school is canceled again tomorrow; the contest will then be postponed for three weeks.

And they're saying there could be snow tonight. That would certainly make things look nicer than they have been, but it would also cover up all the ice. Here's hoping that a similar trek tomorrow afternoon is still possible.

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