Sunday, February 06, 2011

Playing This Week in the Kevmobile

This week's entry will by much shorter than usual, since--thanks to Snowpocalypse, which caused me to drive a grand total of 14.8 miles between Monday night and Saturday afternoon--I wasn't in the car very often. But here's a rundown on what did play when I was driving (and didn't have the radio on for weather forecasts):
  • MONDAY: Deep Schrott, One. As I said on Twitter, there's nothing like a bass saxophone quartet to get you through morning rush hour.

  • TUESDAY: Nothing. The ice was at its worst on this day, and I only went as far as the corner.

  • WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY: Synergy, Cords. Larry Fast, known to some as the Godfather of Techno for his early work in synthesis, gave us this 1978 gem which still holds up well all these years later. (And this was done before MIDI, when every track had to be laid down one at a time; it took about 9 months to make an album!)

  • SATURDAY-SUNDAY: Jonathan Kreisberg, South of Everywhere and Donny McCaslin, Perpetual Motion. Two serious up-and-comers here; Kreisberg, the New York-based guitarist (who seems to be a favorite of all my jazz friends at UNT) and McCaslin, the tenorist known for his work with the Mingus Big Band and Dave Douglas. (I also met him on a hotel elevator in Greeley, Colorado a few years ago.)
Here's hoping for a more normal week of driving and listening, especially with TMEA on the horizon.

(All of the CDs listed above are also available through eMusic. Thinking of subscribing? Show the blog some love and let me refer you; we'll both get some free tracks out of the deal.)

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