Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2.0?

Well, here we go again...maybe. After an unprecedented four days off from school last week because of winter weather, it looks like we're in for a second round tonight--just in time to mess up my departure time for TMEA in the morning. (I'll have students from my school with me who will be performing down there, so if the school closes, the trip can't start yet.)

So what do you think--will this be a (much briefer) repeat of last week, or will it be more like this past Sunday night, when the much-heralded "snow during the Super Bowl" never actually took place?

UPDATE: We did get our "winter events," but by midday the following afternoon, the sun had been out a few times, and a lot of what came down had already evaporated. Here's hoping for a travel-worthy day on Thursday.

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