Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Pseudo-Scientific Question: Do iPods Hibernate?

I've had my iPod since Christmas of '06, which I realize makes it ancient in gadget years. But it's served me well throughout this entire time, especially compared to some friends who have been through two or three of them in the same duration. I was really happy when I got a new car adapter for Christmas (the old one having given up the ghost in August) and could listen to all my newest music in the car again (my computer's CD burner also having bitten the dust about a year ago). There were times when the 'Pod seemed to freeze up a bit, but it was usually because of a Very Low Battery, which would be fixed by a full-length charge.

So I was somewhat alarmed last Wednesday when it froze up and wouldn't be revived by any method. Plugging in into the computer for 2+ hours? Nothing. Plugging it into the car for the entire outgoing trip to Stephenville on Friday? No response. I busted out my CDs for the whole trip and was almost resigned to not hearing anything new in the car until I could afford a new iPod, which would be a while.

And then yesterday, I decided to give it one more try, plugging it into the computer again. It took about ten minutes, but sure enough, it roared back to life, white Apple logo glowing on black background. I let it charge for quite a long time, and so far, so good at this point.

So my question is: Has anyone ever had an iPod "hibernate" like this? And if so, has it ever taken longer than three tries to revive?

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