Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, No--Not Again?

On this, the third anniversary of Katrina, could Hurricane Gustav be headed toward the Big Easy?

I sure hope not, though the linked story seems to suggest that, while all the levees aren't shored up as much as they could be yet, at least there's a solid evacuation plan in place. But I really hope that the area is spared completely this time; the people don't need to go through that again so soon, and, yes, the energy infrastructure in the Gulf could stand to not be disrupted right now (gas prices of $3.30-something aren't great, but they're better than a few months ago).

I blogged about Katrina and her aftermath for the better part of a week, and I chronicled a Spring '06 visit to the Big Easy in these two posts . Meanwhile, Photojournalist Mario Tama juxtaposes before-and-after pictures of New Orleans (from three years ago and last March) here.

A happier anniversary: As of today, I've been in Casa de Kev for seven years, and it's still as great as the day I moved in (or even better, considering the recent renovations).

And one more anniversary of note (lots of notes, really): On this day in 1920, Charlie Parker was born. I wonder how much more he could have accomplished if he'd lived longer than 34 years...

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