Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Can Only Wish for Something Like This in August

My favorite news site said that it was having "technical difficulties" this morning. I guess it was, since the weather forecast looked like this:

Ha--if only. In the thirties during August in Texas? And how about that Wednesday--high of 91, low of 40! People would be getting sick left and right. It was obviously a glitch; the fact that it started with Monday and today's a Thursday pretty much tipped me off. (And when I clicked the "More" link, it took me to a page where Thursday was listed as "Thanksgiving Day." Heh.)

But evidently, we are getting some relief in the form of rain. They said on the radio that there'll be lots of it over the weekend, and we'll have rain-soaked highs of "only" 80-something. That may not be as cool as the "forecast" above, but I'll take it.

(So do you like my first effort at taking a screenshot? I do realize it's a bit messy up top, but I just learned how to do that this week. Call me a "n00b" if you wish, but I'd never really had a need to do this until recently, when a site I visit--the same news site, coincidentally--started spawning unblocked popups, and the support people asked me to take a shot of the offending ad to send to them. And now I can do that!)

Tea and biscuits, or crumpets and gravy: The city of Birmingham, England recently released an official city brochure containing a picture of the skyline. Unfortunately, it was the skyline of Birmingham, Alabama by mistake. (A similar thing happened in my college yearbook; at the beginning of the College of Music section, they had a nice writeup on the program and a big picture of the building. Unfortunately, it was a picture of the Art Building. D'oh.)

He probably scared the Pooh out of them: Two people in Tokyo were assaulted and robbed by a guy wearing a Winnie-the-Pooh costume. (Fun facts: 1) "Pooh" evidently went off on the pair because he didn't like them staring at him. 2) He and his friends were in costume because they didn't have anything else clean to wear.)

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