Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thank You, Edouard...

...for bringing some relief to Texas and ending our string of 100-degree days. The wind was nice last night, and it felt so much better to "only" be in the 90s in the afternoon. Sure, it would have been nice to have gotten some of the rain that teased us last night (I saw dark clouds and a partial rainbow on my way home, but nothing ever came of it), but I think there's still a small chance in the forecast. The cloud cover and lower temps are nice, though, and I'm sure my students who started marching practice this week appreciate it.

And I'm also happy that the storm didn't cause any havoc near my parents' house and didn't mess up too many people's Galveston vacations (although attempting to swim through its waves evidently wasn't a good idea). Here's hoping that a little moisture makes it up our way pretty soon; the yards need it.

And in other beachside news: Catholic priests and nuns in Rome have established an inflatable church on the Adriatic coast to attract beachgoers who want to worship or give a confession.

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