Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Made Quite a Racquet Today

After several near-misses, I finally got to play racquetball again today, for the first time since last summer. I'm happy to report no broken bones, contusions, muscle pulls, etc. (though my friend whom I was playing got banged up a few times). I lost all three of the games, but got better each time; I only fell short by two points in the third game.

As I've noted before, racquetball is a great sport for musicians because it gives you a very good workout without requiring you to play it every day. Since my gym time has been virtually nil recently (though I have been able to resume The Walk™ since it's gotten warmer), I need to start playing every week again. I always get concerned when I have my first day back from a long layoff, but so far, I've managed to avoid messing myself up in any significant way while playing. *knocks wood*

Still, having an incredibly skilled opponent today meant that not only will I be sore tomorrow, I'm already sore now. It must have been good for me.

Big band rehearsal beckons in just a bit (my only school-related activity this week). I'll have posts of substance again starting tomorrow.

Stupid criminal of the day #1: If you're in the process of robbing someone's house, it's best not to get naked and then fall asleep on their couch.

Stupid criminal of the day #2: If you're wanting to walk out on your $100 tab at Waffle House, it's best not to do so when the cops are there to break up a fight between two other customers; it's also best not to almost hit the officers with your car as you're fleeing the parking lot. (And as the article points out, how do four people run up a nearly $100 tab at Waffle House, seeing as how the most expensive item on the menu is around ten bucks?)

Most confusing headline of the day: Bush to Meet With New Mexican President. I know what the story is actually about, but the way the headline is phrased makes it sound like there's a President of New Mexico who's meeting with Bush.

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