Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Has Sprung...

...and Break has broken. I've never been happier to be on vacation than I am now.

(And please, nobody has to point out that it's not really "spring" yet; I'm not unaware of the timing of the Vernal Equinox. Even if Spring Break happens in the winter, we can't call it Winter Break, because that's been co-opted by The Holidays Formerly Known as Christmas Break; besides, some people's break straddles March 21, so what would we call it then?. It's sort of like how my June 10 birthday is technically in the spring, but on my calendar, anything between the long semesters of spring and fall automatically becomes summer. And how it's still "today" until I go to bed, even if that's after midnight.)

This has been a really long semester so far in terms of workload, but, conversely, the time has also flown by. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was getting ready for IAJE?

And adding to it all is the fact that, after my long workdays are finally over, there seem to be a lot of built-in social activities that take place afterwards: Fish Night, Burrito Night, Lab Band Night. But with my teaching schedule being as it is, I wouldn't trade those things for the world. All work and no play makes Kev a dull boy.

So this week, I'm going to relax a lot and catch up on things (taxes, cleaning the house, arrangements for the combos). And a lot of practicing will take place. After all, a major guest artist will be on my campus in three weeks.

I asked all my students this week if they're getting to go anywhere exciting for break, and--save for a few mission trips and a surprisingly high number of visits to Disney World--most people responded with, "my bed." Sometimes, getting to stay home, but without the usual responsibilitites of school or work, is the best break of all.

Stupid criminal #1: The police may not have ever found a Wisconsin man's pot stash and paraphernalia if their attention hadn't been drawn to its hiding place--inside his unzipped fly.

Stupid criminal #2: A man calls the police for help because he's having trouble breaking into a church.

UPDATE: Stupid criminal #3: A New Zealand woman calls the police to tell them that someone stole her cannabis.


Shawn said...

You are so correct. I can't wait to go home, and not do much of anything but enjoy my time. I'm glad you're enjoying yours.

Jazzy G said...

I get no spring break this year.

Kev said...

Shawn--great to hear you play again the other night, and I really dug your original tune.

G--I've had that year many times, when the public schools' and the college's breaks don't line up. I'm glad mine do this year; sorry yours don't.