Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bread and Jam

There may be a few days like this in the next week and a half: I come on, say "yo" for a second, and post the cool links and weird news stories. Until then, there's a Mintzer concert to prepare for, so I'm trying to keep my computer time down to a little less than usual.

And if you're wondering about the odd title of this post, it doesn't mean that I'm starving myself; it simply denotes the two things I did once I got home: Earned money by teaching a few people (bread), went to Potbelly with friends (more bread) and jammed a bit with some of those same friends (self-explanatory). So enjoy the links and stories and I'll likely pop on in the same manner tomorrow.

They have the right to "wine" about this ruling: A Utah driver was denied the chance to renew his vanity license plate that read "MERLOT" because an anonymous tipster informed the state that the word means an alcoholic beverage and not just the type of grape from which said beverage is made. (The driver is appealing the decision.)

So now you tell me: A man dropped by his old high school to get a copy of his transcript for a new job training program, and the office informed him that he still had outstanding fees left over from before he 1977. (it's a good thing they didn't charge him interest.)

Funny video of the day: Rachmaninoff had big hands; yours are small. So how do you play some of his more challenging compositions? Here's one way.

These shoes raised a big stink...and it was a good thing: The Odor-Eaters company recently held its 32nd annual Rotten Sneaker Contest for kids; the winner was a 13-year-old girl.

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