Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Invitation to the Dance

Congratulations to my alma mater, UNT, whose men's basketball team won the Sun Belt Conference tournament last night and thus earned an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. It's the Mean Green's first trip to the Big Dance since 1988.

Granted, the last time the Green were there, they were paired with North Carolina in the first round and lost, 83-65. While it might be expected that, coming from a non-major conference, they might be paired with an equally high-powered opponent again, it's still a great honor to be invited, and if the team can produce the type of upset that happens so frequently during March Madness, this team will go down as one for the ages in Mean Green lore.

Congratulations to coach Johnny Jones and the guys on a great season so far. I'll be taking a bigger-than-usual interest in Selection Sunday this weekend.

Assault with a dead weapon: A woman tried to sneak out of a Tennessee diner with an extra catfish dinner (for which she had not paid) in her purse. When confronted by diner employees, she fled, throwing the catfish at one of the employees in the process and hitting her.

Headline of the week #1: Alaska Moose Brings Down Helicopter.

Headline of the week #2: Teens Accused of Making Ostrich Impotent

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Gary P. said...

Congrats to the Mean Green, but on the flip side it appears that my Lady Techsters from Louisiana Tech are going to be sitting at home in March for the first time ever.

They lost last night in the QUARTERfinals of the WAC women's tournament to #7 seed New Mexico State 63-57 (after beating them a week ago 74-56).

With a 17-13 record, a #119 RPI, and no automatic bid, I think this is it.... the first NCAA Women's Tournament that's going to be played without Louisiana Tech. Tennessee will remain the only school to make every tournament.

When I was there, being in the basketball band meant lots of travel. The Techsters went Final Four all 3 years I was there and won it all my Soph year.

It truly is the end of an era in Ruston.