Saturday, December 23, 2006

Travel Advisory

I'm about to hit the road for Sugar Land here in a few minutes to visit the parents for a few days. I'll have the MacBook with me while I'm down there; with this being the (every other) year for my sister and her family to visit down there as well, I'll actually be sleeping in a hotel on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. (But don't feel bad for me; it's a nice enough place--all of us in my quartet stayed there when we played at Mom and Dad's anniversary bash in June--and it will be quieter, more spacious than the floor I'd be sleeping on at the house, and it has free breakfast and wi-fi.)

If I don't get a post going tonight, I'll have one tomorrow for sure. And if you're on the road or in the skies today as well, have a safe and happy trip.

UPDATE: I'm here in Sugar Land, no weather problems and only a bit of traffic on the trip (save for the fact that the "bit" could also be called "the entire greater Conroe area"). I'll do a new post when I'm on my own computer at the hotel tomorrow night; for now, I'm just chillin' at Mom and Dad's.

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Nate Smith said...

Hey Kev,

Hope you have a great Christmas!