Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Let There Be Even More Lights

It took two tries, but I found the house here in Sugar Land where they have a light show synchronized to music. Dad and I made it almost all the way there on our little excursion this evening, but we didn't have the street names, and he decided to turn back because it was a long day for everyone. But on my way back to the hotel (OK, I did a slight detour) and armed with the actual directions, I decided to take the chance that their lights were still on at 10:15 at night, and I wasn't disappointed. (I don't think I have that many readers in the Houston area, but if you're down here, this house is worth your trip; a map to the place may be found here.) It looked like there were several other neighborhoods in the area that had some good lights, and some of them also featured some huge houses. I hope they're on for the rest of the week.

Otherwise, here's some random stuff from Christmas of '06:
  • Most of the time, my family has turkey or ham for Christmas dinner, but this year, we had pork roast and smoked duck. Both were very good. (I also had the restraint to avoid joking with my two older nephews that the duck we were eating was one of the ones we'd been feeding an hour or two before dinner; I didn't think that would go over too well.)

  • We also had an unusual appetizer: Roasted garlic on crackers. I liked it so much that I'll probably be able to ward off any nearby vampires for a good week or so.

  • Someone's bound to ask about "the take" (i.e. what I got for Christmas). Despite the disclaimer that I wasn't expecting much this year (since the very MacBook on which I'm typing this post served as a "birthmas" present), I did get some kitchen stuff, a new computer chair for the studio room, and my usual Rangers tickets (and heads-up to the usual crowd--there is a game on my birthday this year!).
  • I also got a pretty substantial certificate from Amazon. Between friends and family, I now have been given $160 towards the purchase of the iPod I hope to buy before the New York trip in a few weeks

  • Oh, and I wasn't too thrilled that the Cowboys lost today.
I think that's about it; hope your day was joyful and relaxing. Feel free to post what you got for Christmas in the comments.

Sign song of the apocalypse: The smooth "jazz" radio station here in Houston (yes, they still have one), did a holiday not-so-special: 30 straight hours of G-weasel Christmas music. I wish I were kidding, and I'm glad my parents were nice enough to switch to the other all-Christmas radio station whenever we were in the car together.

Remembering the Godfather of Soul: R.I.P. James Brown; so many genres of music owe you a debt of gratitude.

One more chunk of holiday oddness: It's the Weird Crimes of Christmas.

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I'm jealous - I only have $70 in my IPod fund. :-(

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