Tuesday, December 19, 2006

And Now for the News

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I haven't had time to keep up with one of my favorite sources for the oddball little news stories that I usually place at the bottom of posts--Dave Barry's Blog. But now I've caught up, so I'll devote this post to a bunch of those stories as well:
  • I mentioned a few days ago that I finished submitting grades for the college. Here's a guide to grading exams (purely tongue-in-cheek, of course) from a law professor.

  • Toy review: One of my favorite columnists, James Lileks (and his daughter Natalie) review a new toy: the Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes and Keyboard Experience.

  • A chronically unemployed German man ran into an important politician in Berlin and proceeded to badger him about the apparent slowness of reforms aimed at lowering unemployment. The polltician took one look at the guy (unshaven, in need of a bath, punk haircut, nose rings) and said, "If you would just wash and shave, you'd find a job, too." So the guy did just that, and now he's gotten multiple job offers.

  • Politically incorrect beer name of the season: Santa's Butt Winter Porter.

  • Speaking of beer (and England, where Santa's Butt is brewed), British scientists have come up with a technical explanation for the "beer goggles" phenomenon.

  • One more from England: the war on terror has now turned liquid-centered donuts into contraband on airplanes.

  • And finally, the story of a parent who may have overreacted a bit: A 12-year-old kid in South Carolina opened one of his Christmas presents early, so his mother had him arrested.
I have just one more short morning of teaching left tomorrow, and after that, I'll definitely be able to get caught up on the posts that have been sitting unfinished for a few weeks.


sonicfrog said...

Hey Kev. Just found your blog via Althouse. Can I include you blog on my blogroll? (I always ask - good blog policy)

Gary P. said...

Hey Kev,

Ever get my email from about a week ago? This is the first time I've tried to reach you at the rr address, so I'm curious if it ever got to you... especially in light of all the fun I had when those idiots at Time Warner took over my email.

Kev said...

Sonicfrog--yes, feel free to add me.

Gary--yeah, I got the email, but I've just been rather behind due to end-of-the-semester stuff. I'll reply privately.

I haven't had any problems with Roadrunner so far, save for the fact that I'm getting two copies of everything; I emailed customer service about it and they said that during the migration, email is being backed up to ensure that nothing gets lost. But that was two weeks ago, and the duplicates continue.

Who knows; I'll give them their chance, but if I'm not digging it, there are plenty of other high-speed providers out there.

Gary P. said...

I really haven't had many issues with TW's internet service. When we first got assimilated, throughput rates in both directions were noticably slower but that seemed to only last for a few weeks before coming back up to Comcast's levels.

We're not as happy with the cable TV though. We now get the Boomerang cartoon channel which the kids like, but the amount of On Demand kids content is much less... which we don't like. A lot of folks on FOL gripe about the ongoing NFL Network vs Time Warner Cable feud, but I don't watch any football so that doesn't bother me any.

As soon as Verizon offers FiOS out here in the sticks, that's where I think we'll end up.