Monday, October 16, 2006

An Unlucky Break, Fixed

I almost got catapulted into the world of contact lenses a little prematurely today. You see, for the past few weeks, my glasses had been getting looser and looser on one side. I'd always been able to tighten the little screw with one of my saxophone screwdrivers, but I knew that it was only a matter of time before the whole thing fell apart. Sure enough, about halfway into my first lesson of the day, I felt the left side of the glasses lean in one direction and the right earpiece start to fall.

Thankfully, the modern band hall has a few supplies that could help me out. I borrowed some electrical tape from a color guard person, taped them together in the least geeky way possible and continued through the first part of my morning. When it came time for lunch and my next school, I headed to Firewheel instead. Neither of the two optical places had a repair department, but they both recommended a place over in Richardson. That's not exactly in my backyard, but I took the twenty-minute drive willingly.

This was indeed my lucky day, as the guy wasn't busy (though he got that way right after I came in). It turns out it was a simple solder job, which he did while I waited for an extra six bucks (totally worth it; it's not like I could leave them and drive around with my sunglasses on all day--or night). He also gave them a chemical clean. Voila--good as new three years old.

So I dodged a metaphorical bullet today; as much as I want contacts, it's not like I could just tank an entire teaching day to have an eye exam and get all that stuff set up. Sure, it would be nice if things like this happened when it was convenient, but at least I've bought myself a bit of time.

And now for the weather: This morning--up to five inches of rain with chilly temperatures. Now (early afternoon)--sun's coming out, warming up nicely. Gotta love Texas...

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