Friday, October 06, 2006

The Principal Is Packin'?

I won't have an awful lot of time to blog this weekend, because every waking minute of every day is spoken for until about 7 p.m. on Sunday. But I did read an interesting article last night that could serve as a good discussion topic: Should teachers and principals carry guns?. A Wisconsin legislator thinks so.

Feel free to discuss, and I'll chime in with my own opinion when I"m done with everything this weekend (though I'll tell you up front that I've always been a complete fence-sitter on the whole gun thing).

UPDATE: I've done a lot of reading on this subject, which is being discussed in many different places. As I've said before, I've always been a fence-sitter on the gun subject; I doubt I'd ever have one in my own house, but I'm pretty supportive of the rights of others to defend their own homes in this manner, providing proper precautions are taken. But I think that, for the moment, my take on the matter echoes some of the commenters to this post at Althouse, where several people have proposed the idea that, while teachers shouldn't by any means be required to be armed, that option should be available to those with the proper police-style training. That's where I stand for now.

Oh, and come see my gig tonight if you're in the area.

Float for aye: Happy Founders Day to my fraternity, Sinfonia, a fine brotherhood of musicians that's been here for 108 years today.

This guy was full of it: A man has apologized for flinging some crap around (literally) during a recent courtroom hearing.

Another old wives' tale exposed: No matter what you may have seen in the movies, it turns out that using a tourniquet on a snake bite is a really bad idea.

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Shawn said...

Oh you Texans and your guns. . .

I just can't believe the fever has spread north to Wisconsin.