Monday, October 30, 2006

Kind of Boo

Some random thoughts on Halloween morning:
  • Happy anniversary to my two favorite local radio stations, KNTU (which turns 37) and KRLD, which is 80 (they had a big bash last week that I was unable to attend)

  • If Halloween seems like a weird day to debut a radio station, history would make it doubly so for KNTU, which spent about fifteen years in a house that was rumored to be haunted. If you've missed my story of Haunted Smith Hall in years past, read it here.

  • I'm not expecting any trick-or-treaters tonight, because I really don't know any families with kids in my neighborhood (truthfully, I hardly know my neighbors at all; it's not that I'm antisocial, but rather that my long work hours either bring me home when everyone has gone in for the night, or I'm indoors teaching at times when they would be out). I'm hoping that most parents are smart enough to not let their kids knock on a stranger's door nowadays (an unfortunate sign of the times), but I do have one little bag of orange-colored Kit Kat bars on my kitchen table just in case

  • Another sign of the times is that nobody's really allowed to wear costumes to school anymore--too much of a security risk, I suppose. But "back in the day," I had fun teaching princesses and astronauts and Mario and a few kids here and there who wore masks so big that they had to take them off to play the saxophone.

  • Here's the scariest thing I've seen so far: Near the aisle with all the Halloween decorations at Super Target this past weekend, I could see the Christmas decorations peeking out! Isn't that just a little too early?
The college big band has the night off, so I get to go home at 5:15 today; that's "holiday" enough for me. And I'll be bringing a decent-sized contingency to the "Boo-Rito" thing at Chipotle tonight; I'll let you know if, for the second straight year, our burrito costumes are once again the best.

They won't cross your path tonight: The Boise animal shelter has put a temporary ban on black cat adoptions through the end of the week; they're concerned that the cats might be injured in Halloween pranks, or--even worse--be used in ritual sacrifices (*shudder*).

Witchcraft now comes with a money-back guarantee: A self-proclaimed witch in Munich was ordered to refund her client's hefty fee after a "love spell" she cast failed to win back the client's partner.


Gary P. said...

Back in my day, a student showed up at high school on Halloween in full ninja gear... face cage, throwing stars, swords, the works.

He had to leave at lunch after slicing his hand showing off one of the razor-sharp swords, but none of the administration sent him home.

Nowadays, just him showing up like that would be BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! hyped by breathless talking heads on local and cable news.

Jazzy G said...

Kev ~ I saw the full Christmas displays at Hobby Lobby in August. I hate this trend.

Gary ~ Good thing I left my kunai and shurikens at home yesterday.