Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Most Overblown Legal Rhetoric of the Week So Far

"What you conducted in your chambers, Judge, was the equivalent of Iran leading UN weapons inspectors around the country taking them to places where the illegal activity was not occurring."--Florida lawyer Jack Thompson, decrying the ruling by Judge Ronald Friedman that allowed the company Take Two to ship the controversial video game Bully. Read the whole story and more over-the-top statements from Thompson here.

Unfortunate criminals of the week: A couple of teenagers in Omaha tried to rob a 68-year-old man, figuring they'd get some money without a fight. Boy, were they wrong.

Monkey business: When the fire alarm was pulled at a great ape research center in Des Moines recently, officials were suprised to find out that one of their bonobos did it.

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Gary P. said...

During the summer, a couple of punks made the unfortunate decision to jump my MMA instructor in a Plano Wal-Mart parking lot one night. He's not a very big guy physically, early 20's. From the way he describes it they got the first punch in, he got the next 5 or 6 punches and kicks in (including one of them taking a round kick with his face..... OUCH!!!) and he sent both of them running away within about 10-15 seconds.