Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not Exactly Spot-On

I apologize for the spottiness of my posts lately; I've at least started one nearly every day, but sometimes I'll make it to the weekend and have two or three unfinished ones waiting in the pipe. If I can actually break the cycle of staying up too late almost every night, I'll be able to get up on one or two snooze alarms (hey, I'm only human) and do my blogging in the morning, when I'm uninterrupted by things like phone calls and IM's (don't get me wrong--I love talking to my friends, but it's not too conducive to writing blog posts). I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxation this weekend, that's for sure.

The DPS doesn't need a drive-thru: No matter how long it's been since you first got your driver's license, you almost have to feel for the young woman in Indiana who, while parking at the drivers license office, drove right into the building instead.

Unfortunate criminal of the week, Part 2: A man who tried to steal the golf clubs off an Indiana woman's porch got more than he bargained for when the woman whupped him upside the head with a cooking pot.

Boo-rito: It's official--Chipotle is once again running its promotion on Tuesday where you can go in dressed like a burrito (think tinfoil, and lots of it) between 5 and 10 p.m. and get a free dinner. I had a good time doing this last year.

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