Wednesday, July 12, 2006

While I Was Out...

I may not have been blogging the past few days, but I've still kept collecting those unusual stories that you usually see at the bottom of every post. Here are the best ones so far; oddly enough, they come in pairs:

Culinary delights, part 1: How about a delicious eel salad to start things off?

Culinary delights, part 2: And you can top it off with a beer float. (And kudos to the inventor; among other things, he opened up a jazz bar that 1) allowed teenagers and 2) didn't allow smoking. Yay for both of those things...)

All in the family, part 1: The husband is a Republican; his wife is a Democrat. They're both running for the same seat in an upcoming Kansas House race. (I guess the header for this could have been "bedfellows make strange politics.")

All in the family, part 2: The president of Poland announced his new appointment for the office of prime minister: His identical twin brother.

Animal stories, part 1: A man in Borneo was convicted of bigamy. His punishment? He was fined a buffalo and a pig.

Animal stories, part 2: Over in Alaska, a dog is running for governor.

With any luck, I'll have a normal post tomorrow.


Jazzy G said...

No thanks, on the eel salad. I ate squid tentacles yesterday for lunch. I'm a bit off the weird food kick for a few days.

Your beer float link doesn't work and that makes me sad. I want to know how to make one (assuming it's not just throwing a scoop of ice cream into any style of beer). =(

Jazzy G said...

Nevermind. The beer link works again.

Flying Saucer in Addison has the beer float w/Chocolate Stout on their menu.

Now I have to go find a bottle of Browning's and buy some vanilla ice cream. I'll let you know if it's any good.

Shawn said...

Oh, Kansas.

sonicfrog said...

Hey Kev.

Just came across your comment on Althouse. Our solutions to M$ (me - Linux, you - OS X) got lost in the head splitting conspiracy theory debauchery. Oh well. Will check out your stuff on the MySpace site.

Sonicfrog, a.k.a. Mike the hack bass player.

Jazzy G said...

Wooooo! It's beer float time!

I couldn't find Browning's so this is what I purchased..

1 pint Ben & Jerry's Organic Vanilla
1 pint Young's Double Chocolate Stout

The beer does have a bitter chocolate taste to it that fits nicely with the vanilla ice cream. You're treated to a coffee flavor on the swallow.

(Boy do I sound like a beer snob XD)

You should make one. You can get drunk and gain a few pounds all at the same time. ;P