Monday, July 24, 2006

Three Days, Three States

SEQUIM, WASHINGTON--Saturday night, I went to bed in Cleveland; last night, what sleep I got took place in my own house. Tonight, I'm so far northwest that I'm practically in Canada, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, which will be the first time in four days that I won't be on an airplane somewhere.

But at any rate, I'm here in Washington state for the next week; it was nice to actually unpack the suitcase and use the hangers and drawers at the hotel, just like we did in Vermont last year. I'm also happy to have a room to myself for the first three nights until the "late group" arrives Thursday.

The flight up here was long; the plane was full to the gills, and to top it off, I was stuck in a middle seat, which pretty much meant no sleep on the flight. The window seat guy had the shade closed for almost the entire trip, so it took an announcement from the pilot and a quick glance across the aisle to discover the beauty of Mt. Rainier off to the side, which was breathtaking, and it reminded me that we weren't in Texas anymore, Toto. In general, thanks to the mountains and the overall green-ness of everything, it reminds me a bit of Vermont, despite the fact that we're on the exact opposite coast.

Tonight, we explored the town of Sequim (pronounced "skwim"). It's a charming little place, and we found a cool local diner to, well, dine at tonight (it's the Hiway 101 Diner if you're ever in the area). Tomorrow is whale watching, and, assuming I can find a way to keep my digital camera dry on the boat, I'll have some pictures up here eventually. Until then, since the wi-fi in the hotel works just great, expect some daily travelogue-type updates all week.

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