Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Little Help For My Friends

I have a gig tonight--you can read about it on the sidebar if you're reading this on the day I'm writing it--but I'm not here to promote it. It's at a really nice, pricey steakhouse, so it's not the kind of place that my usual crowd could just descend upon with the same one day's notice that I had.

But that's OK; if you're in the area and you want to hear live jazz, I'm going to ask you to support my friends tonight instead. My buddy Colin, who's the drummer in every combo that I'm associated with right now, also has his own group. I subbed with them two weeks ago in the newly-reopened-and-renamed Coffee Haus (it's now called the Fusion Cafe) in downtown Plano, and that's where they'll be tonight. There's no cover, but if you go, please buy something; the drinks are quite good, and I want this place to succeed the second time around, and not just because I want to book my own band there. They're playing from 8-10 tonight, and it should be a good time, so help them pack the place. (If the cost of the place where I'm playing isn't a deterrent, you're welcome to come see me, but I think I'm pretty much in the background--designer wallpaper, if you wish. Again, check the sidebar for details.)

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Anonymous said...

thanks kev! we ended up having a pretty good turn out and played a good show. I'll catch up with you later.