Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Speaks, No Evil

I seem to be relaxing a bit from the opinion pieces for this part of the summer...which is fine; I'm sure I'll get back to plenty of those during the year. In the meantime, I'm once again asking my readers for opinions on cool new gadgets. This time, it's speakers for the MacBook. The ones from my old computer were a two-input set, and this has a single headphone-type jack, so I need something that works that way. I'm not looking to spend a big chunk o' change, but I want something that will be powerful enough to play Aebersolds behind me and whomever I'm teaching/jamming with (yes, I can use my stereo in the other room for big jam sessions, but it's nice to use the computer for that when teaching) while letting me listen to CD's or iTunes without going deaf in the process. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

She's driving them bananas: A snow monkey, appropriately named Oops, escaped from the city zoo in Roanoke, Virginia, prompting a shutdown of the entire park that surrounds the property.

I hope they had a blast, because the town didn't: The town of Old Fort, North Carolina didn't exactly have a sparkling Fourth yesterday after someone stole all the fireworks that were meant to be used in the town's display that night.


Shawn said...

There's some powerful stuff you can get at a store like Best Buy that'll plug right into the standard output (And the digital one too I think).

Oh, by the way; I got a job teaching here in the summers at the local music store. But no worries, I'll be down there for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

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