Thursday, January 26, 2006

Travel Advisory

I'm off to Stephenville again, this time for a fraternity workshop; I'll leave after school tomorrow and get back by around dinnertime on Saturday. I'll do the usual stuff, partake of the local delectables (Dublin DP, Hard Eight BBQ, etc.) and enjoy the trip; it's always a nice drive, as I've noted before. Sure, this time is expected to have rain for most of the weekend, but that's OK--we need it, badly. I've allowed myself plenty of time to get there as well. (Oh, and hopefully there won't be a barking dog in the next room at the hotel like there was last time. You might finally get to read that elusive MAN BITES DOG headline if that were the case again.)

There should be multiple posts (or one gigantic one) when I get back; there's been lots to talk about and no time to commit it to the keyboard. Everyone be safe and have a relaxing weekend till then.

The Thai's that bind: To most teenagers, getting braces is a sign of impending uncoolness; in Thailand, it's a popular fad, so much so that kids are even getting fake ones. Now the government is threatening people who make or sell fake braces with fines and prison time.

You gotta fight for your right to...wear a skirt to school? This guy in New Jersey did, and he won his case.

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