Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cross-Cultural Capers Resume

About a year ago, my Australian blogger buddy James and I started a blog called American Australian Fun, where we compare and contrast different things between the two countries.--traditions and customs, laws. holidays, whatever. It had lain dormant since April, since we both had a pretty busy year, but we talked about reviving it over the holidays, and there have now been two new posts in the past week. One of them deals with drivers' licenses, and it's really fascinating how many restrctions they have over there compared to here. Drivers are tested more often, there are restrictions on both the maximum speed and the kind of car driven by younger drivers, and you don't get the "full" license (or licence, as they spell it) until you're at least 20. Another one deals with the weather; even though they're in summer and we're in winter, our temperatures haven't differed all that much at times. They've even had some dangerous grass fires out there as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to point everyone out there who hadn't read it yet; I'm hoping we'll post a new topic at least once a month, if not more. (It's also my excuse for not doing a uniquely new post here today.) Oh, and the way it's set up, if James makes a post, my response shows up in the comments and vice versa, but the comments are done in drop-down style, so you don't even have to wait for a page to refresh or anything.

Back to the grind: The bulk of vacation is over after tonight, as the public schools start in the morning. I got a slight reprieve for tomorrow morning (the two brothers I teach before school decided to wait until next week to start back up), but otherwise, it's full on during the week again, at least until M.L.K. day in a week and a half. I loved the time off, but the wallet was starting to feel lighter, so I guess it's time to get started again.

"Can you catch me now?": A man in Sweden answers a cell phone he had just stolen and then leaves it on long enough for authorities to hear every detail of the cab ride he's taking for his getaway. They catch up to him and take him in.

Eine kleine Sch├Ądelmusik: Scientists may have found Mozart's skull, just in time for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of his birth.


James said...

Hehe - not grassfires mate :) We have pretty massive bushfires. A newspaper has actually put up some pics from the insane ones on New Years Day that were to the north and south of Sydney... have a look.

Kev said...

Well, OK, the material that burned may be different, but trust me, ours have been equally bad; several small towns were totally destroyed.