Saturday, January 07, 2006


I noticed today that this is the 777th post to The Musings. Granted, there are a few posts that have been started and not finished yet...but they will be; as anyone who's ever held a conversation with me can attest, I may get off on tangents, but I always make it back eventually. In a way, that number shouldn't be amazing at all, since the blog's been going for nearly three years now, but I just pause and think for a moment: Man, that's a whole lotta writing. Still, I enjoy this outlet very much, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as well (yes, even you lurkers who never comment, heh heh).

So how did the gig go, you ask? It went well. I posted about it at the Team Demon/Dingus blog, so I'll send you there instead of turning this post into the Department of Redundancy Department.

Stupid criminal story of the day #1: A guy tries to rob a pizza delivery driver, forgetting that he had given out his own phone number when he placed the order. (It was pretty easy for the police to track him down, needless to say.) This is almost as dumb as the guy a few years ago who wrote a bank holdup note on the back of one of his own deposit slips...

Stupid criminal story of the day #2: A guy robs a bank and races away in his car...which has the vanity license plate "FINDME." I suppose nobody would be surprised to hear that it was, in fact, easy to find him.

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Shawn said...

A very holy number you have there. That's amazing, what a great read when you're 64. LOL, Also a significant number to Steve Vai as well... yes I am a guitar player and fascinated with the talent of Vai and Satriani.