Saturday, December 04, 2004


OK, I've now finished all the previous week's posts, which took way too much time last night. However, there was a scary moment which lasted from right before I went to bed until just a few minutes after I got up this morning--during that time, all the posts on this blog disappeared! The front page and sidebar were there, but there were no current posts, no archives, and the place on the left side where the text normally sits was nothing but a skinny little bullet-shaped blob of color. I wasn't completely panicking, because I knew that nothing ever disappears from Blogger unless you tell it to...but still, it was fairly unsettling to see a year and a half's worth of postings reduced to nothing for a moment. I couldn't even get back into the editing site to fix it either; it kept telling me that an "unexpected error" had occurred (this even happened when I tried to send them a support message).

Once I got up this morning, I was in fact able to access the editor again, and a simple republishing of the entire blog brought everything magically back to life...whew. I'd hate to imagine having to rebuild this entire thing from cached Google searches or something.

Today is the fall jazz concert at the college, and, as always, I'm directing two groups and playing in another. I think it should go really well; the big band sounded great at dress rehearsal on Tuesday, and the two combos did really well at their performances in the atrium on Thursday. Until then, it's chill time, though I'll probably go over and see how my students are doing at All-Region tryouts today.

'Bout time: Each of the past two summers, I've griped on here about how the Tour de France, of which I'm a big fan, has only been available on a minor cable channel that I don't receive. Well, I got a notice in the mail yesterday from Comcast saying that OLN will in fact be moving to "expanded basic" by the end of this month. Yay!

But I it too little, too late? For one thing, Lance Armstrong's former U.S. Postal Service team is now sponsored by the Discovery Channel, and I always figured that they would at least get some sort of agreement to air the Tour in the States if they were pouring so much money into the team. Oh yeah, and Lance keeps saying he might sit out next summer as well. Bleh. But hey, it'll be nice to actually see the program more than one time a week again.

This is just all kinds of cool: Anyone who liked the Transformers as a kid will get a kick out of this Citroen car commercial from Europe.
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Anonymous said...

hey kev, you should make a folder for your own archives on your computer, go to the bar on the right, click on a month and go File->Save As. then you can save HTML documents of your posts.


James said...

hehehe - love that commercial! we've been getting this one on Aussie tv for a while, and i still laugh everytime i see it =D