Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm Dreaming of a White Three Days Before Christmas

A little after eleven this morning, the rain that was falling outside my window turned to snow flurries. This is about as close as we get to a white Christmas in Dallas, so I just had to go outside for at least a second--get the paper, make my coffee run, those kinds of things. I popped the Dianne Reeves Christmas CD in the car stereo for the coffee run and then took the long way home through the back of my neighborhood (which, ok, turned a two-minute trip into a four-minute trip, tops). If there had been smoke coming out of the chimneys, it would have been just about perfect.

I also took a couple of pictures, but since I'm one of the four people in the whole U.S. who doesn't own a digital camera yet, it'll probably be a long time before they get added to this post. (Even my parents beat me to owning one; that's one of the only times they've had a new piece of technology before I have.)

It's cool that this actually happened for once. After all, yesterday it was in the mid 60's, and two days ago it was 70-something. (This was in stark contrast to, say, Minnesota, where J-Guar told me it was 0 degrees last night!) The weathercasters had been talking about this for a few days, but many times when they predict a chance of snow (or ice, which gets the school kids all excited because it usually means a day off), it either doesn't stick or ends up being a totally false alarm. At the moment, this is sticking quite nicely, so I'll go take another picture when the roof is totally covered.

At any rate, if anyone in D/FW wasn't in the holiday mood yet, this should do the trick.


G. Travis said...

Jazzy G's Snow Picture Slideshow - courtesy of an old account
(can't wait until I get my website uncrashed; and/or my new Flickr account bandwidth renewed)

G. Travis said...

Well, that link up there died for some unknown reason.
Still have 2 snow pictures at

G. Travis said...

Oh hey it's working again.
And.. I guess.. yay for spamming Kev's comments?