Friday, December 24, 2004

Walking in a Very Tiny Winter Wonderland

KEV, LIVE FROM SUGAR LAND--Something really unusual happened about an hour ago: Snow flurries. On Christmas Eve. In the outskirts of Houston. Wow. It didn't last for more than a few minutes, and it didn't stick to anything, but it was still very cool (literally, heh).

The trip down was fine; almost no traffic to speak of (though I may talk later about how much the toll plazas in Houston make me appreciate the George Bush). After dinner, I went to the "mouse place" (or as Lileks calls it, Chuck E. Fargin' Cheese) as a special guest on Noah/Daddy Bonding Night (and man, it's amazing how bad I've gotten at video games). Anyway, today will be spent chillin' and wrappin' and playin' (doing two services at Mom and Dad's church). Hope everyone's having a great Christmas Eve; I'll duck in tomorrow with greetings on the big day.

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