Thursday, November 05, 2009

One oF Those Days

You know it's one of "those" days when...
  • Mere minutes before you're supposed to leave the house in the morning, the zipper on your pants breaks. IAnd it was one of your favorite pair of work pants to boot.)

  • You get to your first school, and the class has already started; they're on a different schedule today, and nobody bothered to tell you.

  • You make an ATM deposit, and the machine doesn't like one of your checks (evidently made on someone's computer at home). It attempts to spit the check back out to you, but that action fails, and eventually, the machine gives you your card back without a receipt, much less a clear acknowledgment of the rest of your deposit.

  • At the beginning of class at the college, you can't play them a particular song because your iPod has run out of juice.

  • At various other times during the day, you're just a bit loopy--forgetting to call out a particular scale or having trouble expressing yourself.
That was my day in a nutshell. Ever have a day like that?

UPDATE: And now, after this trite post, I read the news about Ft. Hood and realize just how meaningless the entire post above really is. (That's par for the course on this day too, I guess.) Thoughts and prayers out to the survivors and the victims' families.

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