Monday, March 23, 2009

With This Blog, I Thee Wed

This would be a really cool story even if I had never heard of the parties in question. But since it happened to a blogger whose site is among my top three daily reads, it's even better.

I've been following the Althouse blog for quite some time, ever since the hostess, University of Wisconsin lawprof Ann Althouse, guest-blogged at Instapundit a number of years ago. Once she enabled comments, the site's readership soared, and the commentariat grew into a diverse, engaging community, many of whom I wouldn't mind meeting in person if the occasion ever arose. (Althouse has in fact held a few reader meet-ups in various places, and I'm always hoping that she might do one in Austin, where one of her sons lives.) Many people had expressed their crushes on the long-divorced Althouse, and some had even joked that they'd date her if given the chance, but as recently as last summer, she had expressed happiness in her solitude.

And while I've met in person and become friends with a few people whom I originally encountered on this blog, it's never been quite like this:
Let there be no doubt about it: A blogger — Althouse — is engaged to be married to a man who began his connection to her as a commenter on her blog. After 4+ years of writing at each other, we met in real life and found real love.
The lucky commenter goes by the handle of Meade, and he was one of those who had often joked that he'd woo Althouse one day; who knew that it would come true? (And he's a classy guy, too, taking the time to thank every commenter personally for congratulating the happy couple.)

This is a great moment in blogdom, and it flies in the face of the idea that people have become less connected because of the amount of time spent online; Althouse and Meade would likely never have met were it not for this technology. And though Althouse has hinted that she might not want a formal ceremony, I would certainly toss my hat into the ring as a potential bandleader if she changes her mind.

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