Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One More Reason to Love the Fit

It can do things like this:

(That's 17 cases of laminate flooring, if you're playing along at home.)

I had to pick up the boxes on Monday to be installed later in the week; evidently, the planks need time to acclimate to my house. Originally, I had a friend with a truck who was poised to help me, but said truck broke down last week. I wasn't going to pay the store $65 to ship it less than a mile, so I decided to get it myself, even if it took two trips. Eventually, I was able to sign on my Fit Brother, Coop, as a second driver, but all I ended up needing him for was help in loading/unloading. I really am impressed with what fits in a Fit; I'm satisfied with Kevmobile 2.0 from every angle thus far.

And if I needed one more reason... The '08 Fit landed at #8 in the top ten most fuel-efficient cars, according to the EPA. (That's for combined city and highway driving, by the way.) I've seen several versions of this list, and on most of them, all but one car ranked above the Fit is a hybrid (on one list, the Smart car came in ahead as well). I'm getting over 30 even in city driving (even in our current AC-intensive days), and I topped out at 36 MPG on my Austin trip in March.

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