Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The "No Fun League" Strikes Again

Just a week after the NFL fined Terrell Owens for using the ball as a prop in a touchdown celebration, they've come up with something even weirder: The league has now banned cheerleaders from warming up or stretching in front of the visiting team's bench (or, for that matter, doing anything else that might be "distracting" to the visitors).

Isn't this (once again) going a little overboard here? Don't most professional athletes find themselves bombarded by female fans wherever they go anyway? Aren't they highly-paid professionals who are supposed to have a high enough level of concentration to ignore any and all distractions?

Silly, silly, silly. Don't you agree?

Speaking of no fun: A ten-year-old MInnesota girl wanted to have a miniature horse as a pet, but city codes wouldn't allow it, classifying the animals as livestock. So she went before the City Council to challenge the ordinance, although she came up, umm, short.

This won't be good for tourism: A musician from Cincinnati wanted to propose to his girlfriend, an artist from Japan, in a romantic setting, so he chose Central Park. After she said yes, the couple was promptly mugged and robbed.

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