Saturday, July 07, 2007


Was today a lucky day for you? (After all, it only happens every hundred years.) A lot of people planned their weddings for today.

No complaints here. The car made it to Denton and back with no issues. I got to sleep in and hang with good friends. And even a bizarre electrical problem at the house this morning (things going off in part of one room, but not another, and never the whole house) turned out to be a problem with the city's transmission lines (thanks to all the rain) and not anything that I have to pay to repair. This is the last truly "chill" weekend before jazz camp starts, so I was happy with an uneventful day.

UPDATE: Here's a story of a baby that was born on 7/7/07, weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

And now on to the usual cornucopia o' stuff; how 'bout some animal stories?

Another holiday leftover: An expected task after the Fourth is cleaning up the residue of spent fireworks. One that might not be expected is having to chase down animals who ran away after being spooked by fireworks.

The panther's aquatic cousin: Check out these photos of a rare pink dolphin.

Weirdest outdoor sport of the day: Using bologna to catch an alligator.

They're in the habit of being guinea pigs: A popular group to use in medical research? Nuns.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: I can't promise that this will be a daily occurrence, but I figured that, as a jazz educator, I should link to cool jazz videos whenever I find them. Today's subject: trumpeter Terell Stafford. I got to see him in multiple settings both at last year's Port Townsend festival and at IAJE this past January.

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