Monday, July 25, 2005

A Good Idea...

I had never thought of this before, but someone emailed it to me this past week:
Following the disaster in London . .

East Anglican Ambulance Service have launched a national "In Case of
Emergency (ICE)" campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston.

The idea is that you store the word " I C E " in your mobile phone address
book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be
contacted "In Case of Emergency".

In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to
quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them.

It's so simple that everyone can do it.

Please will you also email this to everybody in your address book, it won't
take too many 'forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really
could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest.

For more than one contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc.
Incidentally, I ran this through and it checks out as being legit; the Snopes post also addresses a companion rumor that the ICE thing somehow invokes a cell phone virus (it doesn't).

But this was a scam: An Italian couple stole 50,000 euros from a woman in the Sicilian city of Palermo after convincing her they were vampires who would impregnate her with the son of the Anti-Christ if she did not pay them.

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