Thursday, February 03, 2005

Toy Soldiers in Trouble

News-blog junkies certainly caught this story already, but I had to mention it for those regular Musings readers who may have missed it:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. military said Tuesday that no U.S. soldiers were known to be missing in Iraq after Iraqi militants claimed in a Web statement to have taken a soldier hostage and threatened to behead him.

“No units have reported anyone missing,” said Staff Sgt. Nick Minecci of the U.S. military's press office in Baghdad.

Doubts were also raised about the authenticity of a photograph posted on the Web site, which the militants claimed depicted the kidnapped soldier. A toy manufacturer said the figure in the photo resembled one of its military action figures, originally produced for sale at U.S. bases in Kuwait.
Read the whole thing.

Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a. InstaPundit) has more on his other site, Others in the blogosphere have gotten into the game, writing satire like G.I.Joe's POW Diaries and so on.

It's obvious to me that the bad guys are losing if they're resorting to "kidnapping" action figures to get attention...

Irony of the day: Out of all the Microsoft employees who own a portable music player, 80 percent own an iPod. Heh.
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