Monday, December 13, 2004

Almost There

It's weird to say "I need a vacation" only three days before the start of the longest vacation of the year, but that's how I feel at the moment. The trip to the New Orleans Bowl tomorrow will totally hit the spot. Sure, last year's trip was a great time, but having Halfling along will increase the fun factor exponentially. Now, if the Mean Green can win the game, that'll be icing on the cake (and indeed, they're due; so far they've lost in odd-numbered years and won in the even one).

The concert went well yesterday; there were some interesting moments, as there so often are with young players, but overall, I was really happy with the work they got done in a very short time. Kris's band sounded good too; they debuted "Poultry in Motion," and I even got credit (blame?) for coming up with the title. It was really cool to see my name all in big letters on the program and everything, and I really hope this will lead to other similar opportunities. (Oh, and in keeping with the whole stepping-outside-the-burbs mode of the last post, my pre-concert lunch after church yesterday was at an all-indoor Sonic. That's right, no cars...unless you accidentally drove through the front window. You order your food through a little phone at the side of your table, and some of the cartablehops still use roller skates.)

At any rate, one of the two full teaching days of the week is over. A half-day remains before the trip, and another one will follow its conclusion on Wednesday. It's expected to go down to around 28 degrees tonight, but with any luck, it'll be a little warmer in N'awlins (though last year, it was so cold and windy after the game that it felt like Chicago). All I have left to say now is...Go Mean Green! (If I were like Instapundit--who today was liveblogging from the tire store, I'd say I'd do a live post from the Superdome or something...but alas, no laptop, and I doubt there's wi-fi in the dome anyway. Oh well.)

Dude? Dude!! In case you missed this one, a linguist has come up with a deconstruction of the word "dude." It really does have so many meanings...

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