Saturday, January 08, 2011

This Music Has Been Given Its Freiheit from Out-of-Print Purgatory

A few weeks ago, I made note of the German pop band Freiheit (known as Münchener Freiheit in Europe) as I rejoiced upon discovering a video of their biggest (only?) English-language hit, "Keeping the Dream Alive." I noted that the album containing that song, Fantasy, had been out of print of a long time, so my copy was considered a rarity; I was glad that I got it when I did, because most of the songs hold up really well in a Beatlesque sort of way.

And now, after a bit of research, I've discovered that the group's three English-language albums have been re-released in a "three-in-one" format, and--at least at Amazon--it's a very reasonably-priced import.

Again, I have no idea if any other Musings readers share my enthusiasm for this band, but I just thought I'd pass it along. (And by the way, Freiheit is German for "freedom," in case you're wondering about the cryptic title of this post.)

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