Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's Time For Jerry to Grin and Garrett, or Others Will Be Chasin' Jason

A disappointing season for the Dallas Cowboys came to an end today, but the last nine games with Jason Garrett at the helm definitely showed an improvement, as far as I'm concerned.

Will Garrett get the "interim" removed from his title in the next week or so? The smart money says yes. Jerry Jones has noted that he'd like to make a decision sooner than later, and a lot of us out here feel like the younger guy deserves a chance instead of a big-name retread. (And does anyone really think that Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden would work for Jones?) I realize there are a few things that need to happen, such as satisfying the Rooney Rule, but I'm pretty sure that Jones won't make the mistake of letting Garrett go, only to watch him shine on someone else's sideline.

What do you think? Does Garrett deserve the full-time gig? Chime in by hitting the comment button.

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