Monday, January 17, 2011

Is College Tuition Weighing Heavily on the Minds of Students? Let's Literally Find Out

I'm a fan of creative thinking, and this story--like yesterday's "school prank" episode--fits the bill. A University of Colorado student, wishing to make the point to school administrators that tuition might be a bit too expensive--decided to pay his spring balance in person using only $1 bills:
Nic Ramos wanted to send an eye-grabbing message about the rising cost of tuition at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

So, the 20-year-old economics major paid his $14,300 tuition entirely in $1 bills.

[...]Ramos packed the 33 pounds of cash into a big duffle and was ready when the CU business office opened Friday morning.

"I walked in there and put it on the counter and said: 'I'm here to pay my tuition,'" Ramos recounted.
The bursar's office employees, to their credit, took the situation in good humor; they accepted Ramos' unusual payment, even though it took three clerks almost an hour to count the cash.

College certainly has gotten a lot more expensive in the past several decades, and hopefully, that point is reinforced by Ramos' outside-the-box thinking and the attention being drawn to this story. And it also hit home in a different way with one of his classmates:
Ramos' buddy, Dan Order, chimed in: "It makes me not want to skip class." They calculated it costs $65 for each hour of missed class, Order said.
As they say, read the whole thing.

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