Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They Did It. They Really Did it!

This happy tweet from @MeanGreenSports made my day:
Mike Canales named Associate Head Coach of the Mean Green!
That's right, despite my concerns from the other day that Coach Canales was getting the shaft, if appears that the Mean Green brain trust has pulled off the unthinkable, getting the "name" coach with college experience that they desired in Dan McCarney, while also keeping the popular and inspiring interim coach of the past five weeks on board. And evidently, Associate Head Coach is not Canales' only title; he also retains his old job as offensive coordinator and will coach the quarterbacks as well.

As I noted on Facebook this afternoon, I was kind of lukewarm regarding the McCarney hire (and more than a little upset that Canales appeared headed elsewhere), but my enthusiasm just went up 500% with today's news, which undoubtedly sent a huge message to the Mean Green fan base.

So, welcome, Coach Mac! Congrats, Coach Canales! And let's hit the recruiting trail and give the new stadium (which is bound to be a sellout next September 10 against Houston, with yours truly in the stands for sure) a team that will be fun to watch and will pile up the wins in fairly quick fashion.

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