Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Guy Did an Unburritably Bad Job of Impersonating an Officer

On KRLD this morning, I heard the story of a guy in Grapevine who was trying to impersonate a cop. According to the story, he was somewhat convincing as far as making his pickup truck look like a police vehicle (it's not common for the police to drive pickups, but here in Texas, it's not out of the realm of possibility). But the "badge" he flashed when he tried to pull someone over? Not very convincing at all.

How bad was it? Well, look here. He made his badge by taking a Chipotle gift card, blacking out most of the surface with a Sharpie or something like that, and keeping an un-blacked out area that spelled the letters POLICE. But the Chipotle logo is very much visible at the top, and it doesn't take an eagle eye to see that the foil from the burrito pictured on the card is visible beneath the POLICE part.

The wannabe cop (can we call him Officer Burrito? Cop-potle?) was caught by the proverbial "alert citizen," and he's now being held on immigration charges. Oops...

Off we go, into the wild moo yonder: Also from KRLD, a British pilot clipped a cow with the wing of his plane while trying to make an emergency landing. The funny thing is that the pilot didn't even seem to notice at first. (The cow was unharmed.)

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