Monday, December 15, 2008

Cocooning and Catching Up

What a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday, I was enjoying a beautiful afternoon outdoors in shirtsleeves. By the end of the Cowboys game last night, the temperature had dropped some 20 degrees. This afternoon, there was some light freezing drizzle, but nothing of much consequence on the roads, save for a few bridges. And by dinnertime tonight, bridges were freezing left and right; the one that I crossed--not a big elevated one, just over a creek--was running at about 5 miles an hour and already caused a wreck.

So after a quick trip for dinner with a friend (away from said bridges, mind you), it was time to do what some people call cocooning for the rest of the night. Despite the mess on the bridges, though, I'm not expecting an ice day tomorrow, although I'll turn the radio on at the first alarm tomorrow morning, just in case. But honestly, it's close enough to break that I don't need a day off tomorrow, and the lost wages that would ensue.

Tonight's night in did give me a chance to catch up on almost a week's worth of blog posts, though; I've been pretty bad lately about starting posts and not finishing them until several days later. So that my work doesn't go for naught, I'll call your attention to what I've intended to talk about for the last week:I'll catch up on a few more during the week (I have unfinished posts going back to November!) and link to those as well.

In the meantime, if you're up tonight and reading this right after I post it, cast your vote for tomorrow: Ice day, or not?

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