Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Give Me That New-Time Religion?

Two church groups have taken their musical projects outside the proverbial box recently:

First, my parents sent me a link to a video of a Norwegian church youth group performing a cool "handmade" light show, done to a modern praise song:

Evidently, it's all done with white-gloved hands and blacklights. And even if you aren't a fan of praise music, you can still marvel at their Mad Shape-Building Skillz (you can call it digital--that's fingers, not numbers--choreography, if you wish).

Meanwhile, from almost the exact opposite end of the spectrum, check out this senior adult church choir singing hip-hop songs:

The video was shot by a student group for use at a youth retreat (under the guise of the choir "auditioning for a talent show"), and evidently, it ended up being a great cross-generational ice-breaker. I love the Nelly send-up at the end. (And I wonder if any of the ladies in the choir are named Nelly. Heh.)

Yes, you can tell I'm on vacation when I'm embedding two videos in a blog post...but at least I'm not in reruns, like almost everything on TV except for news and sports.

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