Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year in Blogging

As I've done for the past two years, I now present this list of "posts of note" from each month of this year. A post may have been chosen because I think it bears repeating, or it's my favorite post of that month, or maybe it brought this blog quite a bit of traffic. At any rate, here we go:

JANUARY: A Fitting End to the Saga (and the Beginning of a New One)
FEBRUARY: Do Clothes Make the Professor?
MARCH: The Older I Get, The "Outer" I Like
APRIL: Should I Be Blogging Today? It's Not on the Test...
MAY: My UNT Degrees Came In Handy Tonight*
JUNE: Midday in Middlebury
JULY: Diversity for Diversity's Sake? And If So, What Kind?
AUGUST: Too Good to Play?
SEPTEMBER: The Syndicate Vanguard?
OCTOBER: More Glory to the Green**
NOVEMBER: A Truly Legendary Evening
DECEMBER: Kids Report the Darnedest Things

*This post has been cited in the Wikipedia post on sight-reading.
**This post was linked on a Mean Green sports forum and resulted in a crazy spike in blog traffic for a few days.

And for year-end reviews, go here: Even though I don't do any sort of "year in review" save for the above, there are plenty of people out there who do. Here are some of the best:
  • Dave Barry's Year in Review

  • MSNBC's Most Peculiar Stories of 2008

  • The New York Times Sunday Magazine has a nicely-done musical collage of musicians who have passed away this year. (It's too bad that nobody could go in to splice in a little Freddie Hubbard at the end, and it's pretty crazy that three artists listed in a row on this tribute were all associated with the song "WImoweh," which we know better as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." And there did seem to be a rather disproportional amount of drummers on the list; it was almost like Spinal Tap in that regard.)

  • And finally, Lake Superior State University has released its annual list of words which should be banished from the English language. Would you be considered an iconic maverick if you reduced your carbon footprint from Wall Street to Main Street? Not so much.
Everybody be careful out there tonight; if you celebrate, please celebrate sensibly.

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