Saturday, November 15, 2008

Notes from the Road (Stephenville Edition, Part 5)

No matter how many times I take the trip to Stephenville, I always get a lot of, umm, mileage out of it as far as blogworthy material is concerned. This weekend's trip was no exception:
  • The town of Bluff Dale, between Granbury and Stephenville, always provides a decent amount of interesting quotes; I guess there are just some really clever, folksy people out there (or it's just one guy and he gets around a lot). This time, on the outskirts of town, I noticed a steakhouse that touted its signature dish as being LARRUPIN' GOOD. I wonder just how good it has to be to qualify as that, and what the steak does when it larrups.

  • Not too far away from that was a ranch called the Lion's Den, which also stated that it was owned by the DeLeon family. This makes sense, of course, because DeLeon is Spanish for "of the lion," or "of lion" if you wanted to be completely literal. (One of my sister's elementary school teachers married a guy named DeLeon, and I--taking Spanish at the time--jokingly referred to her as "Mrs. Of Lion." What's really crazy is that evidently some other students picked up on it (from my sister, I assume) and started calling her Mrs. Of Lion as well.)

  • And in another "We're not in Dallas/Ft. Worth anymore, Toto" moment, one of the businesses out there is Bluff Dale Deer Processing. (As always, I saw more than a few people wearing hunters' camouflage jackets at the Hard Eight last night.)

  • While on the subject of the Hard Eight, I finally managed to select a reasonable amount of food there, for possibly the first time. (If you've missed the earlier explanations, the meat is ordered from the outdoor pit, and everything looks and smells so good that it's easy to order way more than you can actually eat in one sitting--not to mention ending up with a $15-$20 meat bill in the process.)

  • Most school zones in this area slow traffic down to 20 MPH. But in smaller towns like Bluff Dale and nearby Tolar (home of the Rattlers), the school zone speeds are 30 and 35 MPH respectively.

  • Gas prices have continued to drop in the Metroplex (I happily paid 1.89 a gallon in Ft. Worth yesterday, and I saw it for $1.82 in Benbrook after that. But in Stephenville, I saw $1.74 gas on multiple occasions. (The most "expensive" gas I saw was $2.06, just outside of Granbury. I also noticed that nobody was at that gas station...)

  • Speaking of Granbury: I griped in a previous post about the ridiculous number of stoplights on 377 in that town and how nice it would be to have a bypass loop. That may never happen, but I do applaud them for at least appearing to have worked on getting the lights in better sync, as I found myself stopping much less (in both directions) than any previous trip. But contrast that to the very small town of Cresson, whose one stoplight seems interminably long for a cross-street that's just not all that busy. What gives, folks?

  • And finally, I found myself behind a vehicle that I'd never seen before: A Toyota FJ Cruiser. It's more car than I'd ever need at this moment, but it looked pretty cool.
And by the way, if you're wondering--I didn't see any UFO's on the trip. (That subject was discussed here a few times before, and it's been in the news again recently, when a Dublin High School student got some video footage of an unexplained "something" that he and a friend saw.)

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