Sunday, November 09, 2008

Marching to the Beat of a Very Inspiring Drummer

When I was in undergrad school, I once heard a guest speaker deliver an inspiring story about a trombonist in a college marching band in Iowa who was blind. (He learned the music by ear, from listening to his section-mates, and then he memorized the number of steps in each maneuver.) But I never expected to see this: An entire marching band of blind members from Ohio.

Watch and enjoy the entire video; it's very cool. (Yes, they have a little help on the field, but it's still amazing.) And to top it all off, the band has been invited to march in the Rose Parade in 2010.

And speaking of drums: The old Holiday Inn Select on Central near Meadow (not far from the doomed Circuit City mentioned in yestereday's post) was imploded this morning, and the DMN shot a very cool video of the process. Note how the charges going off in sequence sound more than a little like a drum cadence...

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