Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Black Was Your Friday?

I spent quite a bit of yesterday driving back from Houston, so i wasn't "fully engaged" in the Black Friday process this year. But if my one morning trip to a furniture store is any indication, there are plenty of people out there who--despite the weakened economy--won't shrink from a bargain. (If you're wondering why I was at a furniture store on Black Friday, it was to help select what's going to be my Christmas present from Mom and Dad: A new living room set. As Mom pointed out, most of the furniture I've ever had has either been hand-me-downs [from them] or hand-me-ups [from my sister], so it was about time that I got something brand-new for Casa de Kev. Sure, it spoils the "surprise," but it's not like they were going to wrap up a sofa and leave it under the tree in the first place.)

So my quick survey questions for you are as follows:
  • Did you do any shopping yesterday?

  • If so, were the shopping centers more or less crowded than in previous years?

  • Did you actually buy anything? And did it appear that people around you were mostly buying things or just window-shopping?
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Eric Grubbs said...

The only shopping I did was on . . . on Thanksgiving night. I bought a Sony Blu-Ray player, an HDMI cable, and Speed Racer on Blu-Ray DVD. Black Friday was spent driving back from Houston and reporting mall traffic between 3-7pm. I'm just very thankful that I was not stuck in a mall or big box store.