Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

OK, so this was supposed to be my "easy" week--Spring Break Mark II, all that. Yeah, right...

I guess busy people like myself don't really get un-busy except during times like semester break. Once i got a little bit of free time, something (or -things) rushed in rather quickly to fill in the space. I may have gotten to sleep in late, but I also stayed up even later, so I probably netted less sleep during the week. I also thought I was going to get all caught up on blogging, but that didn't happen until just now.

But I don't want all that writing to go for naught, so here are the things I started during the week and have now completed:

WEDNESDAY: One of my friends is in a cool new band.
THURSDAY: The TAKS test seems to be taking its toll on everybody.
FRIDAY: I'm grateful to my alma mater for helping me hone my sight-reading skills.

I already know what tomorrow's post will be about: Another rant against nanny state (which needs to be ranted against as much as possible). I also have to finish my review of Lab Band Madness from a few weeks ago, as well as the long-delayed Chicago Chronicles from spring break. But for now, I'm as caught up as I'm going to be. Thanks again for your patience, and I'll try to do better in the weeks ahead.

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